Two Bag Recycling System

Looking After Leisure Bay was honoured when we were approached by the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality’s waste department in November 2017 to help them roll out the Two Bag Recycling system in Leisure Bay.

For years other organisations had spoken about the system being implemented but nothing ever came of it. Our success with the Litter run had not gone unnoticed! For the first time ever, an audit of all permanent residents was done in Leisure Bay as we pounded the streets delivering educational material on how the system would work. Just two short weeks after we started assisting RNM, we were ready to roll! A remarkable achievement in a very short space of time. By the way Leisure Bay has 626 residential properties, of that 310 are Permanent households, that includes property owners as well as tenants. Here is a link to a short video on the two bag system as well as how recycling works on the lower South coast.: Two Bag roll out, and recycling ,