With the Litter run up and running it soon became clear that we needed to keep an eye on the area so we could monitor any further illegal dumping, as well as monitor the poaching of our wildlife that is prevalent on the Lower South Coast.

We recruited one of the Litter run workers to be our Eco-Patrolman, Senzo Wise. A young father of two and a man who knows Leisure Bays bush like the back of his hand. The Eco Patrols are sponsored by caring local businesses who pay Senzo a monthly salary for patrolling three days a week. The eco- Patrols are supported and endorsed by Leisure Bay Neighbourhood watch. We use LBNW’s radio network during the patrols. Senzo has reported hundreds of illegal dumpsites that prompts get cleaned up by the Litter Run. Between November 2017 and August 2018 the Eco Patrol had lifted well over 200 snares. Snares that would have had a disastrous impact on our already threatened wildlife.