Newsletter April 2019

The year is shooting past at a rate of knots. It’s hard to believe we arealready in April!  The good news is that we also moving into what is arguably the best time of year in Leisure Bay. The hectic humidity that raises the discomfort level is on its way out. It’s not long until we see the first whales of the season and all the ocean wildlife that comes with them. A special time of the year indeed!

2019 AGM
Looking After Leisure Bay had its inaugural AGM on Saturday 30 March. We have had a tumultuous 12 months and the loss of Sean Murray who was taken from us all to early, meant we literally had to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and forge ahead. Many of our plans were put on hold but 2019 will see those plans seeing the light of day and we will report back on a few things that are going to benefit the entire community in our upcoming newsletters. We had a few invited guests, among them our founding member Louise Schmidt, who also came up with our name some two years ago! One of the new additions to our calendar will be an annual Q&A session. This session will be open to all residents and property owners in Leisure Bay, and will be an opportunity for our community to interact directly with our committee regarding any ideas they may have in helping us as a community in protecting our environment.
Sadly we said goodbye to two members of our committee, Marinda Strydom and Matie Botha, both who have been solid servants of this community. Vanessa Murray will continue on as Chairperson, and Phillip Lennon stays on in his role as media and fundraising member. Vanessa will be temporarily assisted by Lizette Greef.  Two new members joined our management committee. IT specialist and Managing Director of Cyberware, Jené DeSanté has taken the reins over from Marinda Strydom and is our new Secretary/Treasurer. Jené’s computer knowledge is becoming legendary in Leisure Bay and we look forward to her helping us adjust to the latest technologies that can help us, Look After Leisure Bay. Richard Sunter Joins forces with our Media and Fundraising committee member, Phillip Lennon, and he will be assisting us with future projects. Richard and his Wife Di run a few accommodation establishments in the Drakensberg and we will need his guidance for some exciting new ventures we will be embarking on.

The litter run is now a fixture on the Leisure Bay weekly calendar and Vanessa and her team, aided by Lizette Greef, are doing a sterling job at keeping Leisure Bay clean of illegal dumping.  This pic was taken on the 13th March when once again the Wasteng truck that is supposed to collect our household refuse did not pitch. With the help of Tony Davis from RNM we once again cleaned Leisure Bay of ALL its household litter! WE must stress we do these cleanups with no financial aid from any organization and are 100% funded by residents and property owners that care. It would be great if Wasteng gave us a donation for doing their work for them!

The biggest new development recently was the introduction of a second Eco-Patrolman to our Eco-Patrols. Aubrey Cele ( seen on the left) joined his brother Eric in Early March to help us monitor the illegal dumping in Leisure Bay, and the removal of snares set by poachers. It’s hard to believe that just a few months back Aubrey underwent surgery for a double hip replacement! Aubrey is sponsored by Tyvan Packaging and Eric by Coral Tree Films and Zizi Lodge. Both patrolmen communicate with us by using the LBNW radio network.

Well, it is seldom that any topic gets people in Leisure Bay as riled as the topic of dogs on the beach! We all know according to our bylaws it is illegal, and we all know it happens anyway. We all also know that dogs pooping on the swimming beaches are not very nice. We decided to do something about it. Taking the lead from the Umhlanga Rocks municipality we decided to build and erect dispensers that would hold bags for residents and holidaymakers to use when they went to the beach. The manufacture of these dispensers was made possible by Peter Schoeman from Coastal Entomology who made them for us. The bags from the dispensers could be used to pick up litter off the beach, and also to pick up any dog poop that ones dogs may drop while they are on the beach (that they not supposed to be on). We got permission from RNM to erect these dispensers. WELL… hardly 10 minutes had passed from when we had erected these dispensers that all hell broke loose. The same man who gave us permission to erect the dispensers mailed us saying he had been “inundated” with complaints that we were promoting dogs walking on and pooping on the beach. Fortunately all it took to rectify the matter was to turn the dispensers so the word “poo” was hidden. The dispensers have been a resounding success and are serviced by Looking After Leisure Bay.

We recently joined LBNW at a community braai held in the parking area between Kids beach and Peter Pan on the 23rd of March. LBNW has had some great results in the fight against crime in our area. During the week of the 25th March, the SAPS reservists assisted by LBNW arrested two suspects involved in house break-ins within days of each other. One of these arrests took place during a break-in, in broad daylight!

When Leisure Bay woke up on the morning of Monday the 1st of April, many residents had a really rude awakening. Social media was reporting on a new development that would involve building a boulevard from TO Strand to Drakes beach with beach from eateries and hotels lining the coast. This “development” was called the Ivy Beach Development. If residents were sussed in their Zulu, the give away would have been the name of the Architects doing the development, Ukuhleka & Associates, or Laughing and Associates! Phillip Lennon was responsible for putting the elaborate hoax into place, complete with artists impressions. A few people cottoned on immediately, however, a few fell for it hook line and sinker! The sigh of relief when the joke was revealed was heard in Durban:) Below is what residents saw on our FB group.

While our Eco-Patrolman’s salaries are sponsored, their cell phones they use to document their findings, and their meals, are not. Likewise the labour intensive Litter Run, that employs 6 locals, is totally donor dependent and does not receive ANY funding from LBRA or any other group in Leisure Bay.  This despite correspondence to the contrary being circulated on social media and via LBRA newsletters. Unfortunately, at present, we only have funds to continue with the litter run for the next four months. What is apparent is that the illegal dumping seems to be on the increase making the litter run more important than ever.