Change & Make a Better World

Who are we?

Looking After Leisure Bay (LALB) is a community support group based in South Africa on the Lower KwaZulu Natal South Coast in Leisure Bay. We are the only registered NPO in Leisure Bay.

We support ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the community and the environment. We are a group of driven professionals and passionate South Africans. In early 2017 Leisure Bay residents Vanessa Murray and Phillip Lennon, were both serving on one or more of the existing committees in Leisure Bay. Both grew frustrated at the way these committees were managed and the pace that these committees operated at. They both felt that more could be done to protect and promote this amazing little gem called Leisure Bay.

They made a pact with each other that they would do everything within their power to make changes in Leisure Bay that would benefit the ENTIRE community. It was out of this pact that Looking After Leisure Bay was born. That was April of 2017. Initially there was fierce resistance to this “new kid on the block” and many people questioned
the forming of another organisation in the small community. However what sets LALB apart from the pack is it’s ability to come up with solutions to existing problems in a short time frame. LALB impressive track record speaks volumes. We work according to our constitution which is registered with the Department of Social Services