LALB were the runners up for the 2019 Mayors award in the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality

On the 23 August 2017 Looking After Leisure Bay became the first and only registered Non Profit Organisation in Leisure Bay. It was a moment that we as the inaugural committee of LALB were immensely proud of. On the 28th of June 2019 we were given another reason to be immensely proud.

Looking After Leisure Bay’s Chairperson, Vanessa Murray, was nominated as an individual, for the prestigious Mayoral Community Awards 2019. These are awards presented by her worship the Mayor for outstanding contributions to the community. During the assessment process for the awards Vee said she could not accept the nomination as an individual, as LALB was a team driven organisation, with so many passionate people, with a variety of skills involved. She left it at that thinking it was all over.

On Friday the 28 June 2019 Vanessa Murray, along with LALB’s Vice chair Lizette Greef, and our treasurer Ella Smith, were present at the awards when LALB was announced as runner up in the category of “BEST CHARITABLE ORGANISATION”. All the work done by LALB is for the benefit of the Leisure Bay and Glenmore community as well as the broader RNM community in the area. Looking After Leisure Bay has dedicated this recognition to Sean Murray, Vanessa’s husband who passed away last year, as well as to the Leisure Bay community for their amazing support.

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