RIP Sean Murray

1964 – 2018
“Until we meet again”

We at Looking After Leisure Bay were destroyed when Sean left us on 1 October. Here is a Eulogy written and presented by Phillip Lennon at Sean’s memorial service.

Sean was my friend. A good friend. A friend I could rely on. A friend the entire Leisure Bay community could rely on.


I cant recall the exact moment I first met Sean and Vanessa, but it was not that long ago.  Early 2017. In a way it feels as though I have known the both of them my entire life. I cannot recall ever having met anyone who has made as big an impact on my life over such a short space of time, as Vanessa and Sean have done.

I used to see this couple walking their dogs and we never really stopped and chatted. Then Vee and I started working together on projects in Leisure Bay. Since then I have formed a strong bond with Vanessa. Sean took a bit longer. Even when we got together Vee and I would chat away and this good looking guy would kinda hover around and pretty much keep to himself. He struck me as a private person who observed. At times he would fix you with this direct stare that demanded your attention!

As mine and Vanessa’s relationship grew so did my relationship with Sean.

I discovered a man who had skills in many departments. If it was broken Sean would fix it. Or he would redesign it and make it better than the original! Our common bond was the environment. Sean , Vanessa and I shared the same vision for Leisure Bay. It was Sean who would look me in the eye and demand that I spell out how I saw the future of Leisure Bay. I have always been clear in my vision but sometimes forget how to put it in words. Sean fixed that for me. He had a way of looking at you that demnded attention. With that look locked on to you he would ask you a question. You answered quickly.  He would then push you further wanting clarity on that answer.

This is how our relationship grew. This man wanted clear information and goals that were realistic. Sometimes during these chats , Vanessa or someone else who was present, would say something that Sean obviously disagreed with and that is when he would let rip with his famous NOOOOOO.

I saw that Sean was a gentle man who respected people from all walks of life… Until you messed with Vanessa. Then you would get first hand experience of just how much Sean loved his wife. Sean  would walk to his car, get inside and drive to whoever had offended his Vanessa. He would then spell out that persons future in no uncertain terms. That is how he was. He liked doing things face to face.

Sean was activly involved and a committee member of two of Leisure Bays most active groups. The leisure Bay Neighborhood watch, and the NPO Vanessa and I started Looking After Leisure Bay. Apart from the huge gap he has left in our personal lives, he has also left an irreplacable gap in the community. If Sean received a call for help over the LBNW radio, It did not matter what time of day or night it was, he would respond. From assisting at crime scenes to fighting fires. Sean was almost always the first person on the scene. His input at neighborhood watch meetings was always relevent to our efforts in fighting crime in our community.

Regarding Looking After Leisure Bay, Vanessa would not have been able to do what she has done for our community were it not for Seans support. Sean and I had many discussions on where we saw Leisure Bay going in the future. We both shared the same vision for a safe clean environment that was a flagship not just on the South Coast , but in South Africa.

It was only recently that Sean and I really started to get close. We both started sharing personal feelings about things impacting our  personal lives, with each other. Sean was becoming my sounding board, someone I could talk to about things that I usually keep to myself. Personal things. When he fell ill about 5 or so weeks ago I was terrified about what could have been. I was relieved when a after a few of us dragged him to a few doctors it became clear that he just needed to change his lifestyle. Sean also realised this. It was a wakeup call for all of us.

On the 30thof September Sean stated to get the same pains he had a few weeks ago. He said to me they wern’t as bad as then. That night I sent him this message.

Brother you have to get back onto healthy eating. We forget so easily. Hope you feel better soon.

The next morning Sean left this space. There was so much he still wanted to do. I will miss you my brother and I will do everything I possibly can to keep your Leisure Bay dream alive. To Sean’s family, my love and strength to all of you. Vanessa and Kerry-Anne, I love you both so very much. I and our community will do what ever it takes to help the both of you get through this tough time.


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