Security for Wildlife

In Leisure Bay we are blessed with Blue, Grey and the occasional Red Duiker. We have bush buck and bush pigs. Water mongoose and Dassie. Our birdlife is something to behold and we have snakes. Lots of snakes. It is up to each and every one of us to help protect our wild life. We at Looking After Leisure Bay have take a decision not to allow any posts showing  wildlife that identifies the location that the photo was taken at. This obviously is only applicable to our game and our Royal Game like the African Rock Python. Our reason for taking this stance is that we never know who is looking at our social media posts. Poachers use all sots of techniques to get information on game movement so they can hunt that game using snares or dogs. If you do happen to see people walking with a large group of dogs and they off leads and moving in and out the bush. Please report this immediately to either Leisure Bay Neigborhood watch on 082 483 2445, or to Protection services 039 682 5555

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