Eco Patrols

With the Litter run up and running it soon became clear that we needed to keep an eye on the area so we could monitor any further illegal dumping, as well as monitor the poaching of our wildlife that is prevalent on the Lower South Coast.

Since November 2017 and November 2018 our Eco-Patrolman Senzo Wise has scoured the bush for snares and illegal dumpsites. The impact of Senzo’s patrols on our environment has been huge in the best possible way. Between November 2017 and August 2018 the Eco Patrol had lifted well over 200 snares. Snares that would have had a disastrous impact on our already threatened wildlife. Senzo had also uncovered hundreds of dumpsites that we cleaned up. Sadly, due to personal reasons , Senzo has had to leave us. We thank him for the many kilometres patrolled in rain, heat and chilly weather. His dedication to our cause was really appreciated by all. The eco patrols will continue. As of the 5 November, Eric Cele will be filling Senzo’s boots. Eric is well known in the area and  we are looking forwards to working with him. The Eco-Patrols are endorsed and supported by our friends Leisure Bay Neigborhood Watch and allow us to make use of the LBNW extensive radio network in Leisure Bay.

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