Anti Litter Mitigation

Looking After Leisure Bay is constantly looking at ways to prevent litter ending up in our bush and ocean. In Leisure Bay our household refuse is collected on a Tuesday. We place our refuse in black bags and leave them outside our gates…for the monkeys to rip open and throw far and wide! A solution is to have a “monkey puzzle” wire bin installed. There are a few companies in the area who manufacture these bins. We suggest if you cannot afford to have a monkey puzzle installed, and there are monkey puzzles in the vicinity of your home, use them! We are sure that your neighbour would rather see the rubbish inside their monkey puzzle bin than spread around the street. We also think that a few large bins placed around the village for communal use will help the situation. To d this we need funds. Please use the donation facility on our website and use MONKEY PUZZLE as your payment reference. As swoon as we have enough funds we will get quotes and install these bins. Taking into account all existing bins, we think that R40 000 will be enough to cover the entire village with sufficient monkey puzzles to stop the litter problem. If you have any ideas that you think ¬†could help get rid of all litter in our area, please leave your comments below.

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